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Executive Coaching

Aims at deepening your presence and talent as a leader by developing new competences and new perspectives on critical situations. It is a  partnership to experiment, implement, and increase your potential to find creative solutions.


  • Create efficient teams with new generations
  • Develop your presence as leader
  • Manage your team’s performance
  • Manage stress, decision making, communication
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  • Defining you professional objectives and analysis of your situation and options.  Give an inspiring  sense to your actions.
  • Use of coaching techniques and tools to enhance your self-awareness to better understand how to have more impact
  • Emotional intelligence assessment and action plan
  • Career counselling

Group coaching

Aims at aligning the group to the strategy. Make it clear and inspiring for your teams and the rest of the organisation, so that you generate a powerful presence as a management team.


  • Align Mancom members on the Vision and strategic pillars
  • Define action plans and prepare the team
  • Analyse your team’s talent profile and release the potential
  • Bring a climate of trust in your team to perform better
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Facilitate the team dynamic to reach your objectives.

Understand your group profile

Generate an inspiring presence as a management team

Manage transformation in the team culture that goes with the strategy


Aims at helping people to connect better and work together to generate bridge. Mediation is about dealing with conflict and building on needs to generate creative and sustainable outcomes.


  • team members find it difficult to cooperate
  • Departments work in silos and do not encourage flexibility and creativity
  • Conflict management
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  • Align HR tools to the vision, implement the right tools to manage your talents
  • Define your key competences
  • Optimize predictability of your recruitment
  • End year appraisal performance process and document
  • Talent management and succession planning

Human Resources solutions


Management et leadership
CATIL® Talent assessment
The manager-coach
Predictive Index



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– Cool-in is 1,5 h/month formula for groups that was developed to maintain the best performance and presence level while being under pressure

– 360 or appraisal performance : Integrate now assessment tools. see www.akpartner.net for more details

– Implement reliable recruitment tools : profile your key positions and create interview guides

– Train managers to assess and calibrate their people

-Develop internal manager-coaches