about us

Our objective

  1. To guide you through the pursuit and clarification of your vision
  2. Encourage you to deploy your talents in inspiring projects
  3. Engage you to anticipate, act and have fun

Our tools

We combine recognised assessment tools such as Predictive Index, CATIL or EQ2, so that we insightfully develop self-awareness, teams and organisations with an approach based on your presence, your talent and commitment.


With a Master in coaching  leadership and communication (IDC, Geneva, ICF accredited) and a Master in industrial psychology (University of Neuchâtel) Irene has an extensive experience in Human resources in a multinational environment. Mostly active in selection processes,  leadership development and team dynamic related projects, she coaches and trains individuals or groups in French/ English.

Since she has created her coaching practice in 2004, she fosters a partnership with her clients in the development of their leadership and managerial competencies in public and private organizations.